Monday, July 16, 2012

How to tell DotNetNuke not to convert absolute links to relative

Modern CMS usually have a very nice GUI text editor which in many times appear to be too smart for the curious developer. I had a few issues with that recently with my favourite (at least for now) Umbraco and not so favorite, but still widely used DotNetNuke. Umbraco editor kept on removing part of my raw HTML which probably looked not very compliant to it, but nevertheless had to be used. The solution, albeit not entirely safe and error-prone, but still does the trick - switches off all verifications done by the editor. The exact recipe can be found on Umbraco forum and is easy to implement (just a configuration change). 

With DotNetNuke I had a little different problem. The site I'm working on has not yet switched entirely to HTTPS, so parts of it are HTTP and parts - HTTPS. I needed to make a simple link to HTTPS page from HTTP one, like from some other http page. DotNetNuke editor (and I tried both Telerik RadEditor and FCKHtmlEditor kept on changing my link to just /test, stripping all protocol reference. 

Search over the Internet revealed that I needed to change a certain parameters in the editor configuration, but although that looked promising and was also confirmed by DotNetNuke support, really did not solve a problem. The solution I found was very easy and didn't require any changes. Just use a simple text editor in raw mode. This way DotNetNuke did not care about any urls and links, but saved to the database exactly what I fed to it. Here are some screenshots. 


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